Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ssh, Reading in Progress

I've started the so-far very smart novel American Genius after reading an intriguing interview with the author, Lynne Tillman in Bomb magazine. I'm identifying with the narrator, who may well be unstable, to an unnerving degree:

"At breakfast, I noticed the expressions on two women's faces, women in their late-twenties who looked unhappy, something had not gone well for them, was not going well for them in that moment or in their dreams or in last night's telephone call, but I didn't say anything to them, though I showed concern."

"Everything is a problem in some way, I can't think of anything that's not a problem from the past for the future, and I often worry, frowning to myself, unaware that I'm frowning, my lips turning down involuntarily, which I've been told to stop doing since I was a child, because it creates the impression that I'm sullen and also etches fine lines around my mouth, but I can't."

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