Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Silent Sustained Reading

The blog is taking a break until May. Books I've enjoyed lately, but haven't felt like analyzing, include: The Mystery Guest, Indecision, The King of King's County, Revolutionary Road and The Hazards of Good Breeding.


angelle said...

i'm so happy to find this blog. i've been needing something like this (and is kinda what my own blog is for) - i'm trying to be a writer, but trying to read up on as much as possible and figure for myself what i admire in each and what makes it good (or not). this blog will be really good for me to read to get someone else's perspective for the same thing i'm trying to do... and get some good book suggestions!! :) butttt... is there an archive or something somewhere? i'd like to see beyond what is in the "previous posts" on the front page and see what else you've read far in the past! :) thanks again!

angelle said...

ok i am an idiot.. for some reason the archives didn't show up before when i first accessed your site, but now i see it! disregard my last comment!