Friday, April 03, 2009

Palate Cleansing Pratchett

This is why I like Terry Pratchett (from The Wee Free Men):

"'There's a headless horseman after me!' she [Tiffany] shouted.

'He'll no make it, hinny. Stand ye still! Look him in the eye!'

'He hasn't got any eyes!'

'Crivens! Are ye a hag or no? Look him in the eyes he hasna got!'"

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Annie King said...

My son read all of the Wee Free Men, and a lot of other Terry Pratchett when he was about 12 to 14. He loved them! I often read J and YA fantasy, so your excerpt convinces me to make the time for these. Pratchett has also written a number of fantasy books for adults, from this same world.