Wednesday, May 06, 2009

You can read

my essay in the current issue of Brevity.

Also check out the essays by my dear grad school friend Rigoberto Gonzalez and the wonderful Richard Robbins who gave me my first job as a professor.


Annie King said...

I enjoyed reading your essay. I love the innocence in Section I, the humor in Section II, and the rhythm in Section III. The essay could also be titled: "Why wear red in a blood red world?"

Anonymous said...

The sudden surprise at who is speaking in the essay was a great way to end it and reminded me of an interview I heard with Maria Doria Russell about the author as a God who creates worlds. At the end of your essay I thought about how it would feel to create a world/work of art and see it manipulated in ways you never intended.

kate hopper said...

I just read "Studies for a Drawing in Red" and loved it. I'll use it in my teaching at some point. Thank you!